Won’t somebody please think of the environment?

It looks as if Ontario is going to have a carbon tax:

Premier Kathleen Wynne is pledging to unveil a carbon-pricing plan this spring as Ontario looks to ramp up its fight against global warming.


“We have climate change … we are facing a global situation and it’s only responsible that Ontario do its part,” Ms. Wynne said. “I don’t think we can just throw up our hands and say ‘Well, we’re only 13.5 million people, and we don’t have to do our part.’ That’s not responsible. We need to be leaders.”

I know what you’re saying. But she said she wouldn’t do that:

Premier Kathleen Wynne is leaving the door open to a new tax to combat climate change, just months after saying a carbon tax was not part of the Ontario government’s plan.

After winning a majority government last June, Wynne said a carbon tax was not something the Liberals planned to introduce, even though she wanted a new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But that was months ago. Things change.

It always strikes me as odd that every government plan to fight climate change doesn’t actually include a plan to, you know, fight climate change. But every plan does manage to take your money.

The Ontario government is desperate for any source of money to pay the bills they refuse to cut. But I’m sure this carbon tax windfall will go directly to fighting climate change.

I’m that optimistic.

If you’re interested, you can read more about why a carbon tax fails to satisfy any of its goals. Except, of course, for the revenue generation goal.

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