This just in. Dog bites man.

In an amazing turn of events, a study commissioned by Bell and Telus confirms what they are saying in their Fair for Canada campaign:

A new survey has been released today, which was commissioned by Bell Canada and TELUS, that shows 81% of Canadians “preferred that neither foreign‐nor Canadian‐owned telecommunications companies are favoured in the upcoming government auction… If the government were to create an advantage in the marketplace in any industry, respondents prefer that the government favour Canadian (70%) over foreign‐owned companies. Only 2% prefer that foreign‐owned companies be given an advantage.”

Ok, I was kidding about the amazing part. Is anyone surprised that Bell and Telus released a survey that confirms what they want you to think?

Besides, Ben Klass puts to rest the notion that there is really any advantage for a foreign company that the Canadian ones didn’t get:

According to a recent article in the Financial Post, BCE currently holds license to 19% of Canadian radio frequencies designated for mobile use – that’s if you include the upcoming blocks of 700MHz in the total – or 29% if you don’t. Bell didn’t get most of that spectrum by paying market price, but through a ‘beauty contest’ – the government licensed mobile spectrum to Rogers, Bell, Telus and other regional providers such as MTS and SaskTel for pennies compared to market value.[1] You might call that “existing spectrum holdings previously subsidized by Canadian taxpayers,” something you’ve got in spades but would deny to your competition.

Just more propaganda. Nothing amazing.

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