They aren’t gone yet.

Today the press – online and offline – is awash with stories about BlackBerry being for sale. Everyone has a story on how they fell. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

I live in Waterloo, Canada. These stories hit home here. It’s a constant topic of conversation in coffee shops I frequent, even among folks who don’t seem like they’d be interested in technology. But they aren’t gone yet. I live just a few minutes from many of their buildings and trust me, they’re still there.

This stuff makes great front page news, as bad news always does. And no, I don’t expect that there is much of a way out for the company at this point, but they are giving it the old college try.

I’ve been among the first to comment when they’ve done something I thought was dumb. But now it just seems a bit sad, and I can’t bring myself to kick them when they’re down.

Though they were the architects of their own situation, and I adamantly oppose any attempt by the government to bail them out, I do hope they survive in some form.

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