You just have to ask the right question.

It seems that the Ontario Liberal government “recently discovered” 3,226 backup tapes which may contain emails relating to the recent gas plant cancellation scandal. It’s going to cost a little bit to check them out:

The tab would be between $1.7 million and $3.5 million depending on how the complicated process unfolds, Kevin Costante, deputy minister of government services, advised the legislature’s justice committee in a letter.

There are no guarantees the tapes, some of which date to 2010, contain emails requested by the committee last month on the cancelled power plants in Oakville and Mississauga, said ministry spokeswoman Jenna Mannone.

This of course begs the question – “Shouldn’t you know where you keep your backup tapes?”. Or were these just the ones that they forgot to destroy in the process of “deleting unnecessary information”. And only the government would pay a minimum of $530 per tape, or $65 per hour, to restore tapes, search them, and print out some documents.

A few months ago Premier Wynne, who claims she was not involved in the issue, called for the release of all related documents:

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the move to cancel planned gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga was a “political decision” and called for all documentation related to the plants, across all ministries, to be released.

Her tune seems to have changed now:

At the premiers’ conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake,¬†Wynne¬†said the “emails are being released as the committee asks for them.”

“I’ve been extremely clear from the beginning of my tenure as premier that, as the committee asks for information, they were going to get it,” Wynne added.

Now the story is “we’ll release it if you just ask the right question”. Perhaps that’s because she might have been a bit more involved than she claimed?

I doubt this issue will ever be resolved.

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