National Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful Day

According to Twitter, today is National Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful Day (#NationalTellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay). Thankfully I didn’t miss it.

This is an easy one. You’re all beautiful.

No I’m not being facetious. All women are beautiful. You’re saying to yourself, “oh no, I really need to lose some weight”. Or “I hate my nose”. “My breasts are too small”. “My breasts are too big”. “These jeans make me look fat”. I’ve heard all of these and more from females I know.

Poppycock! (Great word huh?) You are all beautiful!

Full disclosure: I am a man, so my opinion may not matter at all here. But it seems to me that women are never happy with the way they look. And it seems that they are intent not on impressing men, but other women, who seem to be their harshest critics.

You are more than what you see in the mirror, which you are probably never happy with anyway. You are more than numbers on a scale. You are also what you think and say and do.

There’s another way to view this:

Where’s National Tell a Girl She’s Smart Day? National Tell a Girl She’s Strong Day? Why do women have to be reduced to just being beautiful?

Men are simple. (If you are female you already knew that.) We pretty much think like this:

Looking at/talking to me.

We are perfectly happy with the way you look. You may catch our attention with your looks, but we are also interested in what you think, and how you feel. That’s what makes you interesting to us.

My wife is beautiful, and she looks a lot younger than me, which is a huge bonus. You’d think after 30+ years with me she would be completely worn down. :) She is smart and social and funny too. And I think she lets me pretend I’m stronger than her. Truly beautiful people are more than just an outward appearance. That would wear out pretty quickly.

I can’t go around today and tell you one by one that you are all beautiful, so instead I’ve said it here.

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