If you call yourself “hip”, you probably aren’t.

The newest BlackBerry phone, the Q5, goes on sale in Canada in a couple of weeks:

BlackBerry Ltd. says it will launch its “fun and youthful” Q5 smartphone in Canada next month in time for the back to school shopping season.

The BlackBerry Q5 Facebook page says this:

BBM will be great on this hip, cool and ever reliable BlackBerry Q5!

This sounds a lot like it was cooked up by some 50 year old marketing folks. No offense – I’m over 50 myself – but I’m not the target market here. “Fun and youthful”? Really? The Facebook page looks as corporate as corporate can be. Why no pictures of these “youths” (I’m channelling the movie My Cousin Vinny here) using the Q5?

Forbes isn’t too sure of their success in this market either:

There is a market for the Q5, but I don’t think it’s the youth orientated market that BlackBerry is hoping for. I could see a lot of Q5s being bought in the enterprise sector for the ‘junior’ team members, and they would all be grudgingly used. The Q5 relies on the BlackBerry name to sell, because in terms of functionality, looks, styling, and apps, the competition is just too good.

If there was ever a time to actually ask some kids what they think of the phone, now is it. Though it may be a bit too late. But I’m pretty certain nobody is going to be throwing the word “hip” around.

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