Distracted by shiny things.

A model of the planned Bombardier LRT car rolled into Waterloo Region today:

“I think the community will embrace it,” said Coun. Jim Wideman. “It’s not what they will expect.

“The naysayers, I hope some of them will be converted, but I’m sure that we will always have naysayers.”

The hope is that the shiny train will distract the people who aren’t 100% behind the LRT.

Unfortunately, some people are coming to the sudden realization that it isn’t all that has been suggested. Ted Livingston, founder of Kik, has started a petition at change.org to stop the LRT:

Citizens of Waterloo. Politicians Have Stolen Our Voice, And Are Going To Use It Today To Commit $800,000,000 To A Glorified Bus. Over My Dead City.

The picture above shows the train with wheels photoshopped on to make Ted’s point. I applaud Ted for looking more closely at the whole proposal, realizing the problem, and trying to stop the runaway train it has become. Unfortunately, I believe that this has been a done deal for a long time now, regardless of what voters thought. This is all the more clear from the opposition to the LRT by 8 or 12 councillors at election time followed by their sudden changes of heart after being re-elected.

A friend of mine likes to say that people don’t notice something until the bulldozers start to roll. When people realize what is actually happening with the LRT I expect a lot more deathbed conversions. I predict that the region will be providing lots of shiny things to look at, but keeping most of the useful information to themselves.

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