The sky is falling.

It’s a little bit wet in Kitchener, Ontario today (courtesy of CTV News):

No it isn’t the end of the world. The sky isn’t really falling. I’ve already seen people trot out the obligatory “climate change” reference.

It’s just weather, rain to be more exact, and it’s about time too. Let’s have a quick reminder of the difference between weather and climate:

Weather is local and short-term. If it snows in the town where you live next Tuesday, that’s weather.Climate is long-term and doesn’t relate to one small location. The climate of an area is the average weather conditions in a region over a long period of time. If the part of the world you live in has cold winters with lots of snow, that would be part of the climate for the region you live in. The winters there have been cold and snowy for as long as weather has been recorded, so we know generally what to expect.

We’ve had bursts of torrential summer showers for as long as I’ve been alive. As kids we used to love to run around in them. You can clearly see from the picture that the parking lot has a huge valley. Cars at the edge are dry while cars in the valley are underwater. That’s just poor parking lot planning.

I’m pretty sure we’ll survive. Though if the rain continues for forty days and forty nights, I may have to revise my opinion. :)

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