Some days everything just goes right.

Today was a great day!

It was warm. I got some work done outside. Then it was cool, so I went to the market, where I had a delicious breakfast, and came upon something that I had been looking for for a while.

I came home, finished up what I needed to outside, just before the rain came. When the rain stopped I went out for a coffee at Starbucks. On the way, crossing at the lights were two boys and two girls, perhaps about 14 or 15, perhaps on a double date. I was thinking about how much fun I has when I started going out with girls at about that age, and how much they had to look forward to.

At Starbucks I sat for a bit and read and people-watched. There’s quite the variety of people that pass through to get coffee and peruse books in the attached bookstore. Today many people seemed to be headed to or coming from weddings. My youngest son and his girlfriend were in a wedding today too.

On the way home I did a little shopping, and than managed to get gas at about 2 cents less a liter than everywhere else. At home, I did a little work around the house, then ate some salad and pasta.

I sat on the front porch to try to resolve an issue in my startup’s iPhone app which had been frustrating me, and I immediately saw the problem and fixed it, then moved on to cleaning up some other things.

And right now I’m relaxing on the front porch, listening to the Hay House World Summit.

Perhaps this seems like nothing special to you, but this was just a day where everything went perfectly, and I felt absolutely great.

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