Responsible professionals?

Responsible professionals know that sick days are not an entitlement. They are there when needed, when we are just too sick to work. I’m rarely sick, but when I am I just work from home, perhaps a bit less effectively, but I still work. That’s because I know that others depend on me. Some people have far less flexibility when they are sick.

Most teachers are responsible professionals. Unfortunately, some are not. Those teachers are a bit loose in their interpretation of “sick”:

Teachers with the Toronto District School Board took more sick days in May 2013 than that month the year before, with elementary teachers jumping 24 per per cent year over year, and high school teachers at 18 per cent. There appears to be a pattern to when teachers take those sick days, as numbers from the Peel District School Board show teachers taking more sick days on Mondays and Fridays.

This affects their students, as well as hitting the school board budget directly, which will then result in something else being cut to balance the budget again.

Some teachers feel entitled to their sick days, and they are going to take them regardless of the consequences. To me that sounds less like a responsible professional, and more like a spoiled child.

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