It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.

Another heatpocalyse is on the way in Waterloo Region:

The first major heat wave of the summer is expected to hit Waterloo Region Sunday and last until Tuesday.

Environment Canada forecasts high temperatures and humidity for the region, reaching humidex values in the low 40s.

Environment Canada shows an expected temperature of 31 degrees Celcius, or about 88 degrees Fahrenheit. But newspaper suggests that it will “feel like” 104 degrees or higher.

There is no major body of water near Waterloo, so humidity is relative. I grew up about two miles from Lake Ontario. That was real humidity. Back then nobody told you what it “felt like”. It was just 88 degrees and sticky. We didn’t stop playing outside. We didn’t have air conditioning either. Yet we survived. Probably because we didn’t have people constantly telling us how terrible it was. But life was simpler back then.

Heat and humidity aren’t new. They are just part of life in Southern Ontario. Yes it’s hot. Deal with it.


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