Don’t blame the internet.

I see so many articles about the internet being the scourge of the earth. The internet is responsible for the spread of pornography. The internet is the tool of pedophiles. The internet is the cause of cyber-bullying. And apparently so much more.

The internet is just a tool. Like any other tool, it does what the user wants it to. It does nothing of its own volition.

Before the internet pornography was delivered by mail. Pedophiles hung around school yards I assume. And while the term “cyber-bullying” was coined for the internet, bullying has been around forever.

And stupid people do stupid things. It isn’t the fault of Facebook. Before the internet people just used different tools to do the same things:

Mr. Manaugh said that although there was a big difference between street art and outright vandalism, it is all social media. The inscriptions left on rocks in the desert and petroglyphs “are, to some extent, the Facebook wall of an earlier era in human communication,” he said, “a kind of geoliterature left in place for others to discover.”

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