An ATM machine at your wedding? Don’t invite me.

According to an article in today’s Record newspaper, in addition to flowers, couples are now getting ATMs for their weddings:

Arriving at a wedding reception, the last thing most guests would expect to see is an ATM at the front door.

But for some couples, having the machine is necessary in case guests see the venue and realize the gift they’re bringing falls short.

If the gift falls short? I find even the thought of this to be the height of rudeness.

If you consider your wedding to be a celebration of a big even with your friends, as we did, that’s great. If you consider it a fundraiser, then don’t invite me.

I think that we usually give pretty good wedding gifts, either tangible or monetary. But I’ve never done the math to see if we exceeded the price of dinner and drinks. And I’m not about to start now.

I’ve been to small weddings, with just a few close family and friends. I’ve also been to large, lavish affairs. We don’t choose the gift based on your choice of wedding; we choose it based on the fact that we want to give something nice and hopefully memorable to good friends.

If you can’t appreciate the gift, whatever it is, for the thought behind and not just the retail value, then you probably don’t appreciate the friends very much either.

If you’re hell bent on making money on your wedding, then by all means disclose the ticket price on the invitation, and I’ll consider it. But I’m pretty sure that I’m busy that day.

Update: My friend Mike Marmarou commented on the redundancy of “ATM machines” in the first line, so I’ve changed it to “ATMs”.

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