Why bother with security at all?

The FBI wants to tap your internet conversation:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made it clear it wants to intercept Internet audio and video chats. And that, according to a new report being released Friday by a group of technologists, could pose “serious security risks” to ordinary Internet users, giving thieves and even foreign agents a way to listen in on Americans’ conversations, undetected.

The 20 computer experts and cryptographers who drafted the report say the only way that companies can meet wiretap orders is to re-engineer the way their systems are built at the endpoints, either in the software or in users’ devices, in effect creating a valuable listening station for repressive governments as well as for ordinary thieves and blackmailers.

So the only way to let them do that is to disable all of the security that has made these communications products so useful. Which means that not only the FBI, but also anyone else who feels like listening, can have access to your conversations.

So why bother with security at all? We’d be better off with two tin cans and a long piece of string.

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