Us and them.

I always thought that it should be a cardinal rule of advertising to not give attention to your competitors. Obviously Microsoft does not agree. Their latest tablet add attempts to show how much better theirs is than the iPad:

Microsoft choses to highlight Windows 8′s side-by-side apps with Live Tiles, PowerPoint, and the $449 price of the 64GB ASUS’ VivoTab Smart as the benefits of Windows 8. It casually ignores any strengths of the iPad, while assuming consumers will purchase a comparable 64GB model at $699. “Should we just play chopsticks,” quips Microsoft’s ad, with a sequence that mimics the iPad mini commercial. Microsoft recently created anApple vs. Samsung wedding fight for its latest Windows Phone ad, and this latest commercial feels all too similar to the “I’m a PC” ads that Microsoft crafted to counter Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaigns years ago.

I suppose they need to do whatever they can to get people looking at the product so they can sell some. Though for the first time I did see a couple people with Surface tablets the other day.

I still think reminding people of the competitor in your ad is counterproductive. Pepsi insists on displaying Coke prominently in almost every one of the ads. Strangely enough, even if I wasn’t thirsty before, when I see the ads I suddenly want a Coke. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Pepsi’s goal, but they brought Coke up after all.

You can judge for yourself how effective Microsoft’s ad is.


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