They won’t take my money.

The CW network has struck a deal to bring their content to Apple TV. Well duh.

I really don’t understand the studios. I would think they would want to put their content in front of every possible person in every for-pay medium. But they hem and they haw, as it having people pay for their content legally is somehow a bad thing.

I currently live in Canada. A couple of years ago we watched the last episode of Season 2 of The Big C. It was a cliffhanger, and we had to wait interminably, painfully, until Season 3 started. But then, when it finally did, there was no way for me to watch it in Canada.


In early April, my wife and I wanted to watch Silver Linings Playbook. Apple TV had it, but only to buy for almost $30. I didn’t want to buy it, but instead rent it for $5. How many rentals were missed because of that?

I had money in hand, and would have willingly paid to watch the shows. But they wouldn’t take my money.

The idiocy of it all is that because the studios are so worried about losing a few dollars on a deal and protecting existing revenue streams, they completely miss the opportunity to generate new revenue streams and even more money over the long term.

Hollywood used to be the dealmakers. Now they just seem to chasing their tails and running in fear.

My advice? Embrace the now and make the most of it.

And please, take my money.

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