The greatest problem of our time.

…Is the fact that I need a plethora of remote controls sitting in front of me to do something simple like watching a DVD. We have amazing technology in our living rooms today, but I still need to turn on the tv, and the home theater receiver, and the Blu-Ray player. Then I need to switch the input to DVD on the tv and the home theater, then hit some variable number of controls to actually get to the start of the movie (or fast forward through previews).

Oh sure, I can use a Logitech universal remote, but that depends on it controlling and knowing the state of every device. Hit one button on the TiVo remote and you’re screwed. And yes, my Blu-Ray player will turn on the tv with SimLink, but not the home theater.

Why is this such a seemingly difficult problem to solve?

We have agreed-upon protocols that let the entire world communicate through the internet. But we can’t get a few home electronics manufacturers to agree on something?

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