eHarmony wants to make a match.

I’ve noticed that spam email seems to run in groups lately. For a couple of days I’ll get groups of 4-6 spam emails with the same sender or subject. Then that topic will fade away, and it will be a new one.

I hadn’t checked my email this weekend, and when I looked at it this morning it wasn’t 3 or 4. It was about 200 spam emails from “eHarmony Partner”. Now I know it isn’t really eHarmony sending these emails, and I know that they are just probably click bait for affiliate links that will generate pay per click revenue for the senders. And just for their edification, there is zero chance of me clicking on any of the links. They will be deleted post haste.

I did open a couple just to see where they came from and from whois this seems to be a common contact (the address is also at the bottom of the emails):

Registrant Contact Details:
vlz marketing
shawn reed (
2885 Sanford Ave SW #17117
Tel. +001.6169656630

It seems that this guy has nothing better to do than spam people, and obviously isn’t concerned by the CAN-SPAM Act. Sadly, this must work pretty well for spammers to continually annoy people like this.

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