Drink responsibly.

Unless there might be a strike. Then you should load up as fast as you can:

“In advance of the first long weekend of the summer, customers are encouraged to shop early for the best product selections,” Bob Clevely, LCBO’s senior vice-president, retail operations, said in a statement released Friday.

I remember the last threatened strike a couple of years ago. People lined up from the front of the store to the back and waited in long lines to buy alcohol. Shelves were cleared. Sales were no doubt spectacular for the LCBO.

And then no strike. Fooled us, didn’t they?

I think I’ll stay home this time.

I was home in Westford, MA for a few days. The store I buy my wine is Harrington Wine and Liquors in Chelmsford, MA. They generally have a wine selection rivalling the LCBO, including California Zinfandels the LCBO doesn’t carry. They are knowledgeable about wine. They check the id not only of the purchaser, but everyone the purchaser is with. And they don’t go on strike.

But we can’t have private liquor stores. Unless you are in an area that doesn’t warrant an LCBO store that is.

There are just some things I’ll never understand I suppose.


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