Do as we say, not as we do.

Most of Regional Council of Waterloo, the folks who voted to spend $818 million (except for the 4 out of 15 who declared conflicts of interest) on Light Rail Transit, don’t use public transit:

Regional Coun. Jane Mitchell is a regular rider on Grand River Transit.

Of the 16 people on Region of Waterloo council, she’s the only one who rides the bus day-to-day.

Yes, they want it for others, but they won’t use it. So then how do they know what is required?

I think that if the LRT and public transit is such a wonderful idea, then councillors should be using it. But they say it isn’t good enough for their needs:

Many of the politicians said the bus simply isn’t a practical means of getting to all the meetings and functions they attend in a day.

If it isn’t working for them, or possibly others, then shouldn’t they be doing something to fix that?


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