Counting down til midnight.

I wrote about this a couple of days ago, but it seems that we’re down to the wire and the LCBO strike might actually happen at midnight tonight. Ontarians are lining up in droves to buy their liquor just in case.

The LCBO is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Sort of like New Hampshire’s state run liquor stores. And this is the Victoria Day long weekend, which is basically Canada’s Memorial Day weekend equivalent.

No liquor on the long weekend in Canada is a very bad thing. I wonder who times these strike deadlines? Obviously the union. Contracts never seem to run out on a day like January 5th, when everyone has had their fill of alcohol.

Canadians don’t usually get upset about much, but this is one of those things.

I’m actually sitting about a block from an LCBO right now, but I have absolutely no intention of heading over there. Too crazy for me.

Update: Apparently sales are up a bit:

At the close of business on Tuesday, province-wide sales at the liquor store were up 73 per cent from last week, according to LCBO spokesperson Heather MacGregor.

Yup, and the politicians locally tell us that a casino is bad would prey on people. No mention of a doubling of alcohol sales at the LCBO though.


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