Spending other people’s money.

As a resident of Waterloo, Canada, I have no choice but to purchase electricity delivery from the local public utility – Waterloo North Hydro. And it isn’t cheap electricity either. Electricity in Ontario is the most expensive in North America.

Their web page provides this description:

Waterloo North Hydro Inc. is regulated and licensed by the Ontario Energy Board to provide all regulated electricity distribution services to over 50,000 business and residential customers in the City of WaterlooTownship of Woolwichand the Township of Wellesley.

Our mandate is to deliver safe and reliable electricity at competitive distribution rates.

So you can imagine I was a bit surprised to see this:



If you like Waterloo North Hydro on Facebook, they will give $1 to the Food Bank. Yes I get that this is for charity, but how exactly does paying for Facebook likes – any Facebook likes at all – help them fulfill their stated mandate?

Remember, as a resident, it doesn’t matter if I like them. There is no competition; I am forced to buy electricity delivery from them.

How did I hear about this? From the Mayor of the City of Waterloo:



Approximately 75% of Waterloo North Hydro is owned by the City of Waterloo. The mayor sits on the board. Waterloo North Hydro pays dividends to the city each year.

Other that a feel good gesture with other people’s money, how does this help deliver electricity or benefit the actual customers of Waterloo North Hydro?

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