We don’t talk anymore.

When I learned about Science there was this thing called the Scientific Method. You formed a hypothesis, then created and ran tests that proved or disproved the hypothesis. Others could run the same documented tests to prove or disprove your hypothesis as well.

Now scientists just whip up a computer model to prove their hypothesis. It doesn’t have to work in the real world, or fit with actual facts. And if you disagree with their hypothesis, they just delete your comments.

Regardless of what you believe, if you have any knowledge of actual science, then you know that a statement like “the science is settled” is anathema to actual science.

We no longer talk to each other, or discuss anything. We just yell at each other, like children. I long for the days when we could enjoy calm, rational conversation about contentious topics.

I’m reasonably certain that it isn’t a case of I’m right or you’re right, but a truth that lies somewhere in between.

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