I think I need an agent.

The hottest Silicon Valley programmers now have agents:

A San Francisco-based agency called 10x Management is among the first to bring a Hollywood agency model to the tech industry. The agency carefully vets its engineers and designers, and it connects them with high-paying, short-term opportunities at The White House as well as companies like Google and Mozilla.

This might work well in a culture where companies are willing to pay to talent. Perhaps not so much in the rest of the world where programming costs are in a race to the bottom, outsourcing to the lowest bidder.

While some countries have extremely low costs of living, making it inexpensive for programmers to live and work there, I wonder what you can seriously expect from the lowest cost bidder?

I think it’s time for me to get an agent. Would you give up 15% for a plum freelance gig?

And why don’t more companies use contract resources to get the job done? Do you really want to hire full time staff for short term jobs?

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