Someone got RIM to listen.

Jamie Murai wrote a post about the pain of writing applications for RIM devices. He did what I and so many others couldn’t; he got a response from RIM.

Not that this really matters. As I’ve noted before, RIM’s developer tools are difficult to use and don’t really work all that well. I was porting one of my applications to the BlackBerry, but set it aside when somebody at RIM informed me that barcode scanning did not work properly on the Torch, something they knew when they shipped it. This is not a company that has any regard for developers, or customers seemingly.

I’m just impressed that he got them to acknowledge him. I can only assume that is a result of him hitting then with Playbook issues just as they are perhaps nearing the launch of that device.

When I first heard of the Playbook I assumed they would run Android, and I certainly hope that they do as seems to be the prevailing belief. Because otherwise the Playbook is pretty much a tablet that plays Flash apps (I mean Adobe AIR apps), and some media.

But hey, I doubt they’ll be reading this anyway. I’m just an application developer. What do I know?

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