Overpaid public employees? Say it ain’t so.

The largesse of government organizations, who just can’t even pretend to be concerned about frittering away tax dollars, never ceases to amaze me:

The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs needs someone to run the Facebook page for the Dept. of the Interior and they’ll pay up to $115,000 a year. Over at the Dept. of Defense, they’ll drop nearly 50k a year for a new mail room clerk, plus the glorious benefits that comes with government work.

If a private company ran this way, they would be bankrupt. Oh, wait…

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2 thoughts on “Overpaid public employees? Say it ain’t so.

  1. Yeah it’s nice being a government employee and the pay is very fair when including some of the best benefits you can get. Just imagine what all the death records employee salaries run!

  2. These are only a small number of offerings. I work in government and they do not have these kind of jobs where I have looked.

    This is the Grover Norquist lines. If they outsourced my job the government would pay 200 dollars per hour and I would love that cash. How about reporting what they pay consultants it a heck of lot more than 115k.

    Or other sweet deals with other private businesses.

    By the way,

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