Doing more of less.

Today’s Financial Post suggests that AT&T’s move to drop their unlimited data plan may boost RIM because customers realize they can to more with less bandwidth:

The benefit for Waterloo-based Research In Motion, who makes the Blackberry, could be in current iPhone users realizing they can get more out of RIM’s device.

“Now, as RIM is poised to unveil BlackBerry 6 on new smart phones with improved browsing and UI, BlackBerry users may realize they can ‘do more’ under caps vs. iPhone (e.g. 3x browsing), while some iPhone/Android users may suffer from ‘bill shock’ if they breach caps unintentionally.”

This could especially apply to business users, who tend to consume more data than the average customer.

This is a fallacy. The truth is that users of smartphones such as the iPhone simply do more. As early as 2008, Google noted that search traffic from iPhones was 50 times greater than any other smartphone.

With far better browsers users do more surfing on iPhones and Android-based phones than they do on BlackBerry phones. Watching video is a better experience as well, leading to more usage. Twitter, Facebook, as well as posting photos and video are simpler. And the proliferation of apps for those other platforms leads to even more data usage.

With its current OS, the BlackBerry still tends to be used as an email device, leading to an overall lower data usage. BlackBerry users don’t do more; they just do more of less.


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