Give us more money.

From today’s National Post, Canada’s mayors are calling for a ‘new partnership’:

Canada’s big city mayors are calling for "a new partnership" between all levels of government, so municipalities don’t have to continuously ask for more funding to deliver services and meet infrastructure needs.

As the article notes, this is just code for a more one-sided partnership:

The mayors were light on specifics, pointing instead to areas of unified concern like transit, and a national affordable housing strategy.

Toronto Mayor David Miller said there is already evidence in place of partnerships that work, like the federal gas tax transfer, the GST rebate and stimulus spending through the Building Canada Fund, the latter of which has created jobs and softened the blow of the recession.

This just boils down to "Give us more money".

Which they will then fritter away until a year or so from now when they go back, hat in hand, for more money for the very same things they promised to do last time but didn’t.

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Why do property assessments always go up?

Apparently Canadian homes are overvalued, according to today’s Financial Post:

A new report from one of the country’s major banks says house prices in Canada are sitting 14% over their "fair" value.

Strangely, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) has nothing about this on their website. That might suggest that their assessments are incorrect, and municipalities would certainly be none too happy if assessments were actually correct, meaning that they extract as much property tax from homeowners.

My last assessment increased the value of my house by 20%, what according to this report it should be more like 6%.

Isn’t it odd that, regardless of circumstances, assessments always go up and never down?


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