Sure, blame the software.

So it appears that it’s nobody’s fault that the Christmas Day underwear bomber wasn’t caught. It’s all the fault of bad software:

A misspelling of Mr. Abdulmutallab’s name initially resulted in the State Department believing he did not have a valid U.S. visa. A determination to revoke his visa however would have only occurred if there had been a successful integration of intelligence by the CT [counterterrorism] community, resulting in his being watchlisted.

Yes, there is a potential terror attack afootso the State Department types in a name, doesn’t find anything, so there’s no problem.

It’s the software’s fault.

This guy’s father is so concerned that he walks in and turns his own son in, and the response is to do a single search.Imagine what might have happened if they hadn’t been so dilligent.

Let’s see now. I get a US Visa and I have to provide documentation, fingerprints, and retina scans. And this guy managed to walk on to the plane without any of that?

If our lives depend on government software that isn’t able to provide even the most basic functionality that Google Suggest provides – I mean really, how many visas have been issued to people whose surnames start with "abdulm"? – then we are already doomed.

And to sink low enough to blame the software for your failure to do your job? What more could I possibly say?


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