Rogers just can’t leave well enough alone.

The other day I pushed the "Guide" button on my Rogers digital box remote. It didn’t bring up the program guide; it brought up the "Rogers Quick Menu", an apparent new feature, complete with advertising. I assumed that I had merely hit the wrong button by mistake. But no, it seems that Rogers has reassigned the "Guide" button to do something else entirely. It now takes two slow presses of the Guide button to get to the guide. Pressing it quickly returns to TV without showing the guide. Strangely, they left the "Menu" button alone, even though that would have been the much more logical places.

Rogers, if you are listening, please restore my Guide button back to being a Guide. I can’t imagine what utter failure of user interface design or basic common sense would have caused you to do otherwise.


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4 thoughts on “Rogers just can’t leave well enough alone.

  1. No kidding! And it’s not like there’s anything on that first screen that I really need one-touch access to, while the guide is something you check all the time.

    I was playing Bubble Shooter all through the news last night, though.

  2. Larry, it’s funny you posted this, because just yesterday I scratched my head thinking the same thing. The new interface adds absolutely zero value to their programming experience. All it simply does is make it longer for me to get to the guide as you mentioned.

  3. I Googled “rogers digitasl guide” and then hit the “blogs” button and this blog was the first hit.
    The previous comments say it all … why mess with something that works?
    I’d love to see Rogers detailed user survey that said we’d all like to see Rogers Digital options when we hit the Guide button.
    Methinks someone at Rogers needs to keep making changes to justify their jobs.

  4. you know you can change that setting so that guide comes up with the fist push of the button. its under the self serve (change guide order) on the menu.

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