I can relate.

Debbie Weil comments on Seth Godin’s new book, LINCHPIN:

This is great news for those of us who aren’t good at following the rules. Those of us who have, in fact, been fired because we didn’t fit in. Count me in that group. I’ve been fired at least twice – a source of shame for years. Well guess what: I’m now declaring BEING FIRED as a badge of honor. If you’ve been fired (David Meerman Scott cheerfully admits to it) then you belong in this new tribe, as Seth calls it. Thanks Seth for reminding us that it’s OK to think different – as long as you make good things happen.

I’ve recently begun declaring being fired as a badge of honor.I know that I’ve pushed boundaries and made the companies I’ve worked with better, and I’m happy with that. Rules are made to be broken after all, and nothing great comes without a little pain.

Thanks Debbie. You’ve already improved my day tenfold.

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