Climate “saboteurs”.

The earth is flat. The science is settled.

The sun revolves around the earth. The science is settled.

Man-made global warming is a fact. The science is settled.

It’s almost a taunt. If someone invokes "the science is settled", then it most certainly isn’t. Scientists used to be people that questioned the current state. Now those people are called "deniers".

Today, a politician goes even further and calls them climate "saboteurs":

Britain’s energy and climate change secretary says the world must be wary of “climate saboteurs” seeking to wreck a global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ed Miliband said Thursday that those raising new questions about mankind’s role in climate change may be deliberately attempting to undermine talks starting next week in Copenhagen.

The only thing being sabotaged here is the quest for truth and fact.The science is never settled. If it is then we are done.

And by the way, the fact that man-made global warming may not be fact does not mean that we should stop trying to act in environmentally friendly and conserving ways. It just means that we shouldn’t spend billions or trillions to fight a gas that is not a pollutant but an integral part of life on earth.

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