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When we started planning the DigitalMediaCamp events, in the back of my mind I had the nagging feeling that this would be just another camp-style event. I knew it would be an interesting event, but an unremarkable one. Coincidentally, a good friend of mine says the meaning of "interesting" is never a good one.

We also wanted to attract a different audience than the usual tech folks who attend events such as StartupCamp. We wanted to incite not only tech people, but content creators and designers – the people who create the actual digital media. We started with a simple question:

How can we work together to make Toronto a globally competitive hub of digital media entrepreneurship and innovation?

Yesterday was the day. DigitalMediaCamp Toronto at OCAD in Toronto. With about 80 people in attendance we didn’t just meet; we engaged with each other. If the day had been 48 hours long I don’t think that we would have had enough time for everyone to say everything they wanted to say.

I was wrong. It was a remarkable event. And I’m comfortable saying that it shattered everyone’s expectations. But don’t take my word for it. Follow the #dmcamp hashtag on Twitter.Or check out these posts:

With 40 different conversations spread across 4 topic areas (check them out on the wiki) there just wasn’t enough time to discuss all that we wanted to discuss. I found myself moving from group to group, just to partake of some of the passionate discussions, and to add my two cents worth occasionally. Personalities contributed, clashed, and entertained. Several groups spawned projects from the conversations and planned to meet again, especially the #t4change group. And people who are usually more reserved (you know who you are) found their voices.

Even given a very long day on a Saturday, the energy was palpable all day long, likely spurred on by great food and coffee, and excellent work by Mark Kuznicki. I don’t make it to Toronto all that often – that 401 drive is a deterrent – but I’m certainly glad this was the day.

It was great to meet everyone and I look forward to chatting with all of you both virtually and live as we figure out how to answer that question. It’s going to take me a few days just to work through all of the ideas we generated in that one short day. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Digital Media Camp Toronto

  1. Thanks to all who organized this – it was a great day, with plenty of interesting discussions taking place, and lots of people to meet!

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say “hi” to you in person Larry, but I’m sure we’ll run into each other at some point.

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