You can’t always get what you want.

And sometimes you get exactly what you asked for.

I’ve often noted the lack of a cohesive calendar of what is happening locally; someplace that I could look to to see when the events that interest me are happening, and to keep abreast of what people are thinking and saying here. (Hmmm. Do people use the word "abreast" anymore?)

Apparently I complained to the right people. Or perhaps just complained long enough that people decided to shut me up. Jesse Rodgers and Joseph Fung have created exactly what I was looking for., which they officially announced yesterday, provides that calendar. It’s updateable; everyone can add events or even iCal feeds, which means that it can be used to track anything that’s happening in town.

But they went so much further. The site also tracks news and blogs locally, as well as Twitter feeds, and arranges them nicely for viewing. It provides links to resources. And it provides a list of people in the local technology scene. I’m there, and you can add yourself or people you think others should know about. For some reason my photo is not among the Prominent players on the first page, so maybe it’s time for a new photo.

These two self-described "dashing men" (I’ll withhold comment) have provided exactly what I wanted and even some stuff I didn’t know I wanted.The best thing is the fact that it’s a bit of a social community; if you don’t see what you need, or you have some other ideas, you can add them. You can help provide resources to the community so that everyone benefits.

This is a great too and I urge you to check it out, especially if you are local to Waterloo. And if you aren’t, I’ve got a fairly good idea that this could be used as a template for your own local community.

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