When ads attack.

I went to The Globe and Mail newspaper’s website this morning to get the number for the circulation department to ask about my missing New York Times (yes I still read a newspaper). While I couldn’t find it, I did locate the main number. However, just as I was about to read it and dial, a pop up ad, I believe for ScotiaBank, appeared, obscuring the number completely.No close button, so I was forced to wait until the ad decided on its own to disappear before I could get the number.

Note to marketers: If your ad keeps me from doing what I am trying to do, I promise I will remember the ad. And not in a good way. And I will tell everyone I know about it too.And you won’t get my business either.

Note to The Globe and Mail: Put the number for your circulation department on your web page somewhere it can be easily found. It isn’t even on the "Contact Us" page.I might actually want to buy something from you.


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