Is your dog a victim?

I got a form in the mail the other day to renew my dog’s licence from the city of Waterloo, Canada. It contained this note:

Failure to purchase a 2010 dog license prior to March 1, 2010 may result in a $125.00 fine plus a $30.00 victim surcharge fee.

Now forget the fact that a $125 fine is ridiculous for failing to purchase a dog licence, but Waterloo is desperate for cash so I guess that’s just a given. And I can understand a victim surcharge fee for a criminal violation where there is an actual victim. But if I don’t buy a dog licence, who is the victim? My dog?

When exactly did victim surcharges start being levied on bylaw infractions? Where does this money go, and how is it redistributed?I’d like to see an actual accounting of that.

And if my dog is the victim here, when can he expect to receive his check?


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One thought on “Is your dog a victim?

  1. I got a $10 victum levey from the police for speeding even though there is no victum. This is also totaly illeagal and unconstitutional.

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