Save the planet. Rent a goat.

Boing Boing notes that an innovative company in Seattle rents out goats as an alternative to machines or herbicides:

[R]ather than spending tons of money and time on diesel-powered machines, filing the proper permits, and administering dangerous herbicides, the Seattle-based Rent-a-Ruminant organization will loan your a team of 100 goats for all your brush-clearing needs–all at a very modest rates. As Serious Eats explains, the benefits of goats are numerous: they eat just about anything, they can work on uneven ground, you don’t need permits to use them, and they can clear a quarter-acre in about three days.

Unfortunately, given that methane production by animals is apparently worse than human carbon production (if you believe in any of that stuff), this isn’t that much more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. But it is way cooler to watch.

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