Yet another bailout.

This time it is local Canadian television stations that are complaining that they just aren’t making enough money.

So the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) has decided that average citizens will need to cough up some cash, whether they like it or not, for the Local Programming Improvement Fund. Digital Home gets it right; it’s a new tax on you and me to benefit a couple of Canadian media companies like CTV:

Once passed on to Canadian consumers, the LIPF tax is expected to add an additional $100 million annually to cable and satellite television bills. For an individual household paying $70 a month in cable or satellite television fees, the LIPF tax will add an extra $12.60 a year to their cable and satellite bill.

The LIPF is in addition to the 5% tax currently embedded in cable and satellite TV subscriber’s bills which pay for the Canadian Television Fund. The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) is a tax imposed by CRTC which supports the production and broadcast of Canadian television programs.

Rogers, my provider, informed me of this as well. And I don’t even watch local programming, except when I’m forced to by Rogers choosing the Canadian over the American channel on simulcasted programming, a practice I hope will end now.

As usual, the joke is on us though, because this isn’t about improving anything but the networks’ bottom lines.

Hmmm. I’m not making enough money either. I wonder when my bailout will arrive?


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