Same time next year.

The other day I wrote about the delay in getting an appointment to see an orthopedic specialist – one year and four days after my wife’s accident. Today I took her to her appointment, only to hear this from the admin staff:

That appointment is for next year.

Apparently my wife’s first appointment with an orthopedic specialist is in 2010, actually TWO YEARS AND FOUR DAYS after her accident. Right now the staff are booking for December 2010.

This specialist covers from London to Toronto, and from Hamilton to Owen Sound, an area with probably close to a million residents. He is in town one day a week and sees 10 patients in that day.

So kick back, relax, and do check in with us at the same time next year and see what happens.


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One thought on “Same time next year.

  1. Larry, I’m sorry to see your wife has this many problems seeing a doctor.

    Here’s a tip, maybe you already know the website: . Besides rating your doctor and seeing other people’s rating, it is a very good tool for finding specialists in an area. My wife uses it regularly when searching for specialists which she then recommends to her family doctor. Even though you cannot make the appointment yourself, you can still get info about when they are booking. More then once she was able to find specialist that saw her in a reasonable (what’s reasonable?) amount of time (months), of course sometimes far away.

    Here’s a search for orthopedics specialists in Waterloo.. hope it helps: . It always pays off to cross-check

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