My latest iPhone application.

I recently finished my latest iPhone application and it’s up on the App Store now. 4Degrees – The Arc of Trivia (iTunes App Store link) is a multi-player trivia game for up to six players, with plenty of graphics, animation, sound, and some pretty tough questions. A scoreboard display at the end of each question as well as other feedback lets you see how you are doing compared to the other players as the game progresses.

In addition to the application which is written in Objective-C for the iPhone, I also developed a content management system written in PHP which runs on Amazon EC2, with object storage in Amazon’s S3 storage cloud, as well as a multi-player game server backend in Java. The multi-player server provides for game synchronization across all of the phones playing, using J2Play multi-player gaming technology. If there are less than 6 players available for a game then AI players will fill the other available slots. The application also provides in-game chat for players to talk to each other.

The game was written for a company in Mississauga, Canada.

If you are looking for contract iPhone application development, regardless of complexity, contact me via email at larry@larryborsato,com, or by phone at 519-572-4435.

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