You can’t buy that here.

Not only can I not buy Ralph Lauren Polo shirts or a decent hot sauce, I also can’t buy current technology in Canada. Generally that’s pretty well hidden, but suddenly Macleans magazine seems to have noticed:

But here’s the thing: you can’t have one. When the Kindle DX goes on sale this summer (for a hefty US$489), it will be available only in the United States, just like earlier versions of the gadget. Amazon has given no indication that it’s headed for Canada any time soon. “We haven’t announced a timeline yet and we are not doing so at this point,” was all an spokesperson would say in an email. The Kindle, which first debuted in the U.S. in 2007, joins a long line of new and potentially groundbreaking technologies that are available in the United States but not in Canada. Whether it’s the hugely popular online video service or ring tunes for the iPhone (another product that Canadians waited months for), we’re out in the cold. While frustrating for consumers, this lag is also a potentially crippling problem for a country with any ambition to be a player in the digital economy. Canada may be a wealthy, wired, well-educated place, but it is also quickly becoming one of the Western world’s technological backwaters.

Strangely, I think I actually used the word "backwater" when describing Canadian technology in Boston the other day.

Canadians are told over and over that we have access to the best technology in the world. And we do, just a year or two after the rest of the world already has it. We deserve better. We must demand better.

Via Michael Geist.


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One thought on “You can’t buy that here.

  1. That MacLeans article was poorly thought out and so is this post for being based on it.

    you realize hulu and the Kindle aren’t available in any other country right? How can it proof of Canada being in the backwater of “western” countries, when only the US has either?

    The fact that there are very good reasons preventing hulu and kindle from expanding internationally, so it’s not surprising that it takes time

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