Sound bites trump science.

This is the president who vowed to "restore science to its rightful place":

"At a time of great fiscal challenges, this legislation is paid for by the polluters who currently emit the dangerous carbon emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air that we breathe."

These sound bites play wonderfully on the media because viewers probably don’t give thought to the meat of the statement, and the lack of actual … uh … science involved.

Carbon isn’t a pollutant. We all exhale it. We add it to flavored sugar water to make soda.

But Obama all too frequently is given a pass my a media that hangs on his every word, so imagine my surprise when the Associated Press called him on it (though they couldn’t leave out the global warming theory):

THE FACTS: Carbon dioxide is not directly harmful to humans’ air and water in the way of traditional pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide or mercury. Carbon dioxide has no direct effect on drinking-water quality, but is likely to affect how much is available. Carbon dioxide in itself is not harmful when inhaled in normal amounts, but increased warming from carbon dioxide increases harmful smog.


But carbon dioxide itself does not taint water or pollute the air.

So when will he be restoring science to its rightful place? When it’s convenient I suppose.

Tip of the hat to small dead animals.


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