Fraud and Theft come to mind.

Why are politicians treated differently from regular citizens?

Expense claims filed by lawmakers for chandeliers, horse manure, pornography and moat maintenance on country estates, among other items, have enraged voters, many of whom have lost jobs and homes during Britain’s deepening recession.

The police and prosecutors have been meeting to decide what action, if any, should be taken against lawmakers who misused parliamentary expenses. No charges had been filed.

This doesn’t seem that complex. What action, if any? Fraud and theft immediately come to mind. Why do police even have to discuss this. An intentional crime has been committed. Why does it matter that the perpetrator was a politician? Shouldn’t that make the crime all the worse

And by the way, where was the oversight on all of these filed expenses? Shouldn’t the person(s) who signed them off be fired immediately for negligence?

These are supposed to be "honourable" people.


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