Being human.

I often work with startups, helping get their ideas solidified into products. Rather than work for them I partner with them. Sometimes I help them with design, and sometimes I write some code for them. These companies are at different stages of maturity, as are their founders, and they are learning, and making mistakes along the way.

I recently worked with one early-stage startup. The idea was good and the founders were driven – a recipe for success. But there was one concern I had and no matter how many times I pointed it out they couldn’t seem to fix it.

Basically, they kept referring to me and anyone who wrote code as a "development resource". And other terms that were just as bothersome.

I’m not a "development resource". I’m a person. We don’t refer to a CEO as an "operational resource" do we?

It isn’t just startups that suffer from this affliction. Large corporations do it too. And there’s no better way to demean your employees.

Be human. Try treating your development resources as people. They’ll appreciate it.


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