Peace of mind.

I have several different web sites, using several different web hosting services. My longest running host has been Premier Focus, a little local shop run by a friend. He is expensive – about $170 annually – but his service has been good.

A few months ago I set up a site for my friend using A Small Orange. The price was $50 annually, for more disk space and bandwidth than I was getting for three times the price. So I signed up too. All was great, and I was about to drop Premier Focus – until last week.

I was using one of my SQL databases at A Small Orange when I suddenly got an unexpected error. When I checked, my databases were gone. Which also mean my blogs were unavailable. I quickly sent them an email – unlike Premier Focus there was no number to call. They responded fairly quickly via email, telling me that they could see no problem or reason for my databases to be gone.

After a few back and forth emails they restarted their SQL server which fixed the problem. They told me that I shouldn’t be concerned as this occasionally happens.I have indeed had other similar problems.

But I need a web host that is as concerned with my website uptime as I am. They didn’t seem to be. And I realized that in five years, I’ve never had a similar occurrence with Premier Focus. So I’m going to pay them their annual fee again – for my own comfort.

The lesson I learned? You can choose a hosting provider to save money. Or you can pay a little more for peace of mind.


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