Rogers. Where the customer is always wrong.

I’ve been a customer of Rogers Cable since we moved to Canada from Boston. I’ve had a digital cable box for most of that time. The other day I received a letter saying that my digital box may be incorrectly connected. I use it every day so I’m not sure how that could be, but I do often have problems using their On Demand service, so I thought I’d take a look.

The website – – asks me to enter my account number from the upper right hand corner of my bill. My account number looks like this: 9-9999-9999. The application says this:

Your account number does not appear correct – it should follow the format 999-999999999 (3 digits, dash, 9 digits).

Now I’m willing to bet that this is happening because I receive a single bill for all of my Rogers services, but I’m sure that they should know that. So here’s a note for the people at Rogers: Get your act together before you insist that I’m wrong when I do exactly what you tell me to do and it doesn’t work.

But then again, Rogers service sets the bar pretty low so I’ve come to expect very little in the way of actual service. I signed my son up for a new mobile account recently and he got a new phone, which came via courier a few days after I ordered it. We didn’t get around to trying it until almost a month had passed and it didn’t work at all, and I called them about it pretty much on the 30th day after we got it,

Customer service insisted that I only had 30 days to call from the time the phone was purchased, regardless of when I received it, and I would have to send it in to be repaired. I asked them to pass me on to the Customer Relations group. Yes you need to know that it exists and ask for it specifically – they won’t tell you about it. When I explained the problem to these folks they told me that they would send me a new phone and I could return the old one, which seemed to me like the obvious solution.

Honestly, how hard is this kind of thing? Doesn’t it seem like common sense?


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