Two minute warning.

I’m aghast – and yes that word is so appropriate at the front page article in the New York Times about cutting computer start time, especially this comment:

“It’s ridiculous to ask people to wait a couple of minutes,” said Sergei Krupenin, executive director of marketing of DeviceVM, a company that makes a quick-boot program for PC makers. “People want instant-on.”

Now I know that it can occasionally be a bother waiting when you need to get something done. But have we seriously gotten to the point where our lives are moving so fast that we can’t wait two minutes – the time it takes to microwave a frozen burrito – to start working on our PCs?

Make a phone call. Grab a coffee. Or just sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy life for a moment. Because twenty years can go by so quickly that when you look back you’ll wish that you had all of those little two minute times back.

And it won’t be so that you could have worked more.

Think of it as a two-minute warning.


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