Acting small.

Wisdom from Seth Godin:

A small acting bank would never have invested in tens of thousands of loans that they hadn’t looked at. And a small acting startup wouldn’t hire dozens of people before they had a business model… and then have to lay off a third of them just because their VC firm showed them a scary PowerPoint.

This happened back in the dotcom crash of 2000 too.Companies that hired like crazy, or took huge risks, and then fell apart at the first sign of trouble.

If you are solving a problem for someone, you’ll make sales. Even if you aren’t solving a problem that they realize they have yet, you still have a chance if you pace yourself and don’t do anything stupid.

People keep telling me how bad the economy is, and mention the wild swings of the stock market, but is the economy that much different than it was a few weeks ago? Other than the phenomenal greed of a few financial firms, with the expectation that the government will solve their problems for them?

The economy is only as bad as we make it out to be. As long as we behave normally, everything will probably continue to be normal. And taking a few extra minutes to act small – to do some due diligence, to apply a little common sense, or to think before we act – is always a good idea.

Or perhaps the real message in all this is that PowerPoint is evil. Just kidding. Maybe.


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