Let’s just make up the conclusions.

The CTV headline:

Canadians want tough action on climate: poll

It’s pretty much the same at The Star.This is based on a Canadian Press article with a slightly different title:

Canadians want firm action on environment, despite pricey gasoline, says poll

And that is based on a Canadian Press-Harris-Decima poll that asked the following two questions:

Harris-Decima asked respondents to choose which of two statements most closely represented their views:

-"Some people say that the high cost of oil and gasoline is a reason why we should take a slower, more cautious approach to dealing with environmental issues such as climate change, so that we don’t drive up the cost of fuel and the cost of living even further."

-"Others say that the rising price of fossil fuels is a reason we must move even more aggressively to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and find alternative sources of energy that are also less damaging to the environment."

The poll does casually mention "environmental issues such as climate change", but it seems to me that the choices don’t say a thing about agressive action to reduce climate change. They specifically mention moving aggressively to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The "also less damaging to the environment" seems to be an afterthought. And the answers certainly don’t say this, quoted in every article:

The survey indicates many Canadians profess to want environmental actions that push the country toward greener, alternative sources of energy – regardless of cost.

In fact, there is nothing in the questions that asks about what Canadians would be prepared to spend.It also doesn’t ask in any way if Canadians want environmental actions. And guess what kids – slapping a carbon tax on everything doesn’t reduce our dependence on anything. It just makes it cost more.

So here’s the big question. What are we doing, or what is anyone proposing, that we actually do to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels?


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