After my wife’s car accident.

My wife had a car accident the other day. The insurance company’s claims people called today to tell her that they were writing the car off.

My wife’s doctor has told her to take at least two weeks off. She works with kids in a day care and she just isn’t up to looking after them.

The insurance company – State Farm – also called today to tell her that they won’t compensate her for any lost wages until she uses up at least seven (7) days of her sick leave and short term disability if she has any.

So keep this in mind before you consider moving to Canada.An idiot ran a red light and hit her. There were plenty of witnesses. He got a ticket and walked away. My wife’s car rolled several times and she went to the hospital in an ambulance. This whole thing isn’t costing my insurance company a thing. But so far, my wife loses seven sick days at least.

So who’s the one being punished for being the victim here?

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